To book, please create a login on our website. You will then be graded on the system by a member of the team and then all the lessons available to you or your child will be shown. 

In order to protect the welfare of the horses, please make sure you have a current height and weight noted in the system on your registration. If you turn up and the details are not correct you may be refused to ride and no refund given. We have scales and a height measuring service here if you need help but this must be arranged by appointment and at least 48hrs before your booking, it’s very important the details are correct for the correct selection & availability of horse for you, thank you for your understanding.



We're situated on Brighouse and Denholmegate Road approximately 3 miles from Halifax town centre. Its the main road from Shelf Roundabout to Hipperholme/Brighouse.

Google maps brings you to us easily.

If you do have problems trying to find us then please call us for directions.

Our address:

Laura Brennan Equestrian Centre Ltd
Brighouse and Denholmegate Road

Go to your account, then bookings. You can cancel or amend your booking from there. please note our cancellation policy is 48 hours and anything inside this time will not receive a refund. You can't amend a booking inside this time either. 

We provide lessons for all ages from 2 years upwards.

If you are unsure which will work best for your child, think about their personality and where they would normally thrive. You can always try both to find out which they prefer. 


We have space for horses with calm sensible temperaments that have a basic schooling level of trot and canter. We are open to all heights and also ponies of all abilities.
What's Included?
  • Bespoke horse care plan based around the horses psychological and health care needs.
  • Routine ManagementOrganisation of Farrier, Dentist and Worming
  • All year round turn out split into individual requirements and suitable friendship groups
  • Visiting coaches and onsite coaches for all disciplines
  • Calm and happy stable yard and working environment
  • Monthly tack fitting checks
  • Use of all facilities
  • 2 floodlit outdoor arenas (35 x 20 and 50 x 30)
  • Grazing, watering, feeding
  • Grooming prior to use in lessons
  • Clipping and trimming as needed
  • Tack cleaning
  • Daily care
  • Stabling (Where applicable)
  • Shavings and Straw bedding available
  • Haylage, Hay and Hard Feed
  • Hot horse shower
  • Supervision on site 24 hours
  • CCTV
  • Child friendly
To apply please email

Opening times for lessons are:


Monday - Closed 

Tuesday - 10am - 7 pm 

Wednesday - 10am - 7 pm

Thursday - 10am - 7 pm

Friday - 10am - 7 pm

Saturday - 10am - 7 pm

Sunday Closed 

Yes! We sell gift vouchers on our website. Here's how to purchase:

  • Create a login (if you don't already have one)
  • Click on My Account
  • Scroll to the bottom to find gift voucher options there.
  • If the amount you want isn't there, you can use the sliding bar to adjust.
  • Download and print the voucher or send it by email.
  • The recipient can use their voucher at the checkout.
If all you can see is horse care, that means there are no horses available for riding. We only allow the horses to work a total of 3 hours per day to ensure their wellbeing and health are kept at optimal levels, so a suitable horse and instructor may not be available
Horse care is a great way to connect with the horses and helps them to build trust with us humans. Clients who take regular horse care lessons often become better riders as their levels of understanding and ability to read the horse's subtle cues become more refined.  

This means there isn't a suitable horse available for you. Please try a different date or time. 

If you would like a regular weekly slot you can email us and we can organise a reserved slot for you. 

We advise booking a minimum of 3 weeks in advance for all lessons and remember if you would like a regular weekly slot you can email us and we can organise a reserved slot for you.

  • Create an account with us if you don't already have one. 
  • Sign into your account then go to MY ACCOUNT.
  • At the bottom of the page, click on Redeem Here.
  • Enter the unique code from your gift voucher
  • The amount will appear under Available Credit at the top of the page.
  • Your credit can be used to book lessons or events by clicking Apply Credit at the checkout.