We would love to help you develop in any of the riding disciplines that you would like to try. Our Qualified Instructors can cater for riders from beginners age two, to advanced. We foster a real community spirit at the centre and our Staff and Volunteers are passionate about what they do. Our extended network of helpers offer friendly help to add to your experience. The welfare of the horses and your safety are our priorities.


30 minute Private Lesson £21 - £26 (depending on the coaching level)
60 minute Private Lesson £42 - £52 (book 2 lessons back to back)



45 minute Private Lesson  NOT CURRENTLY AVAILABLE



Horse care is an important part of becoming skilled and attuned rider. Connecting with the horses during these sessions allow you to tune in to the subtle signals the horses give us to let us know what they are feeling. It also helps to build trust and familiarity with the humans, which will result in better riding.

30 minute private lesson £21 - £26



We offer a choice between private and group lessons. If you are unsure which will work best for your child, think about their personality and where they would normally thrive. You can always try both to find out which they prefer. 


Private lessons are 30 minutes long and will be tailored to suit your child’s ability and personality. 

30 minute Private Lesson

£29-£32 (depending on the coaching level)

60 minute Private Lesson £50(depending on the coaching level)

Hat & Riding Boot  Free to use



Pony Stars is our Junior Challenge Awards helping children to discover, develop and nurture their love for ponies and the outdoors. With over 100 topics for children to explore, Pony Stars will ignite a passion for ponies, build knowledge and cement friendships that will last a lifetime.

As part of the programme, each child will have the opportunity to purchase their very own My Challenge Book to log their achievements. As they progress through the various challenges there will be stickers, badges and rosettes up for grabs too to keep them engaged and motivated.

With four key groups, Pony Stars enables long-term progression with a range of activities that will develop knowledge, skills and self-confidence. In each group your child will work through sets of challenges that make up topics within set themes.

Saturdays  £29
My Challenge Book & Pack £38
Hat and Riding boot  Free to use

To purchase your Challenge Book, please email your child's name and age to info@laurabrennanec.co.uk. Please note that we hold back the stickers and badges and they are awarded when milestones are acheived.


Pony Day has proven to be very popular for children aged 4 to 12 and includes: 

  • 1 riding lessons
  • Brushing and spending time with the ponies
  • Learning through fun activities

Don't forget to pack a lunch and wear warm clothing. Wellies or outdoor footwear are essential. Riding boots are for riding only. 

Arrive at 10 am - 3 pm £38
Holiday Clubs £35
Hat & Riding Boot  FREE TO USE



30 min private  £29-32
60 min private  £50
30 min group  £20  up to 6 riders
1 hr £40 book 2 lessons back to back  up to 6 riders
30 min semi private £25  up to 3 riders
30 min private  £29-32